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What is Rounda?

Rounda is a public-private initiative that collects small change to make a big difference in the lives of impoverished children.

How does Rounda work?

Each R1 collected goes towards the Nikela Trust, an organisation dedicated to fighting hunger and poverty.

What is the Nikela Trust?

Nikela means “to give” in Zulu. The Nikela Trust distributes the collected funds and works closely with NGOs with the aim of alleviating poverty.

What are the Nikela Trust’s focus areas?

The Nikela Trust’s approved trustees are socio-economic empowerment initiatives, care services for vulnerable communities, anti-poverty initiatives, community health initiatives, emergency funds, and special projects.

I want to do more!

You can get involved directly by contacting Rounda on 011 675 0650 or by sending an email to info@rounda.co.za.